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zinc carbonate, zinc nitrate, calcium chloride

Zinc carbonate is white powder; insoluble in water, alcohol, and acetone, slightly soluble in ammonia. It is widely used in the following industry;

  1. Rubber industry

  2. Ceramics

  3. Fire-proof

  4. Animal feeds 

  5. Pigments

  6. Cosmetics and medical ointments

  7. Desulfurizing agent

Zinc nitrate hexahydrate is an olorless tetragonal crystal.   
Melting Point: 36.4° C.
 Zinc nitrate will become anhydrous variety at the temperature ranging from 105° to 131° C.
Zinc nitrate hexahydrate is dissolved in water and alcohol. It is is known as an oxidizer and it is very easy to deliquescence.
ZNIC NITRATE is mainly used in electro-galvanizing and preparation of phosphatizing agent for iron and steel. It is still applied as dye mordant, acid treating catalyst in pharmaceutical industry, also can be used as catalysts and gelling agent.


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