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Barium sulphate

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China Barium sulphate

Today let me introduce Barium sulphate , barium sulphate including natural barium sulfate, and synthetic barium sulphate; synthetic barium sulphate also named Blanc fixe and barium sulphate precipitated. And there also have modified barium sulphate.

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01. Natural barium sulphate opaque

Features: This product has good control ability on particle size top cut, can coat thickness 35microns film, the particle size distribute according to specific proportion, it cause diffuse reflection for film and form low glossiness coating. Low oil absorption, makes very good flow for coating.

Usually baso4 content is 88%-90%, whiteness is 86%min;

Application for natural barium sulphate opaque:

(1) Suitable for low glossiness( less than 70 degree)flat and textured powder coating, water base and oil base.

(2) Suitable for A/B epoxy resin adhesive and various kinds of adhesive filling.

(3) Suitable for friction plate, glass,copper casting areas.

(4) Suitable for plastic and rubber filler.

02. Natural barium sulfate high lightness

Features:Low oil absorption, good leveling property. Material is fine, narrow and even distribution in size, excellent glossy retention, similar refractive index as organic resins.

Usually baso4 content is 88%-90%, whiteness is 90%min;

Application for natural sulfate high lightness:

(1) Suitable for high glossiness(70-88 degree) flat and textured powder coating.

(2) Suitable for plastic use(high gloss PP, ABS, Masterbatch and etc).

(3) Suitable for oil base and water base powder coating.

(4) Suitable for rubber industry as filler.

03. Synthetic baso4 precipitated

Synthetic barium sulfate also named barium sulphate precipitated and blanc fixe powder.

In China there are two production process method to produce synthetic barium sulfate, one way is acid method, use BaCO3 and H2SO4 reaction and then got BaSO4, the another way is like salt method, use barite which baso4 content is 85%min mix with coal reaction then got BaS and then BaS reaction with Na2SO4 then got precipitated BaSO4 and by product Na2S.

Features: synthetic barium sulfate with very high purity, high quality, high whiteness, less black spots.

Synthetic barium sulphate usually content is 98%min, whiteness 94%min, D50 less than 1.0 microns. And almost all pass through 325mesh sieve.


(1) High quality powder coatings; Electrophoretic paints and automotive coatings.

(2) Plastics, especially engineering plastics. PP Masterbacth can add 60 percentage; ABS materbatch can add 5-10 percentage.

(3) Alsop widely used in paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic, master batch and insulating tape, pigment, ceramics, accumulator cell, enamelware, glass and etc.

04. Nano barium sulphate

This is modified barium sulphate precipitated, usually surface treated/modified by sodium stearate. After modified, the particle size can reach nano grade, D50 is like 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.3 /0.4microns.

This kind barium sulfate is mainly use for plastic industry and rubber industry as filler, it can produce transparent master batch, and can add as filler when produce BOPP, HDPE, LDPE films. Can save production cost.

05. Nano barium sulphate

This synthetic barium sulphate is modified by inorganic chemical, after modified fineness can reach nano grade, D50 is like 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.3 /0.4microns.  

Features: High affinity with binder due to sio2 asnd al2o3 surface treatment; Superior dispersibility to conventional Blanc fixe; Dispersibility similar to tio2; Thixotropic properties; limited hiding power; Encapsulates pigment particles to maximize color intensity; thixotropic properties without lowering gloss; Improves printability; Haze-free gloss and highly leveling film by super filling effect.


This product is mainly use for high grade ink and paints.

In China there are about 14 factories produce barium sulphate, if you want know more about Chinas barium sulphate market, please do not feel free to contact us, we always open mind, we never cheat our clients, when a new customer give us order, we are happy, but what we really happy is that it means a new customer feel we are trust-able, we will always do our best to supply Chinas most suitable barium sulphate with you. Once standard both party recognized will never change. We make sure the consistent stable quality.

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