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Application of barium sulfate

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Barium sulphate has high purity, fine article size and uniform distribution, and it has chemical inertness, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high whiteness, high refractive index, easy dispersion and other excellent characteristics. It has strong ray absorption function, as an inorganic pigment has been widely used in all kinds of advanced coatings, paints, powder coating, inks and other industries. It is also widely used as a filler in plastics, rubber, ceramics and friction materials. In addition, barium sulphate can reach 80% of the weight of its filling rate, applied to drains, speakers, audio, can effectively cut off noise, used in home appliances shell can provide high brightness, smooth surface, scratch resistance, dimensional stability etc many other advantages.

1. Application in paints

Barium sulphate is superior to most other fillers and has the characteristics of low cohesion, low light dispersion and fine particles, and is especially suitable for pigment topcoats, varnishes, spray paints, etc., with chemical resistance and Weather resistance. It insoluble in water, acids, alkali and other organic mediators. The excellent brightness and fineness of the particles keep the topcoat exposed for a long period of time. Barium sulphate is recommended for topcoats to increase surface hardness and color stability. Barium sulphate has high filling properties and can be applied to all coating series, such as primers, thick pastes and other types. Its low specific surface area and particle size distribution and flow ability make barium sulfate with low wear during processing. Barium sulphate been recommend used for the surface layer of the automatic primer, and even when it is use as highly rate as filler, it will maintain good uniformity and smoothness.

2. Application in latex paint

"Acid-resistant" latex paint known. Even when exposed, it has acid resistance. The easy dispersion, optical rotation and easy flow ability increase its chemical properties.

3. Application in powder coating

 Barium sulfate used in powder coating can improve its gloss, fluidity, filling and compatibility with a variety of pigments.

4. Application in pigments

 Barium sulphate used in stead of part of titanium dioxide , can reduce the amount of pigment added and save at least 10% of the cost, light reflection can maintain the complete color of the pigment.

5. In the application of silicone rubber, rubber compound

Barium sulfate as a filler, used to increase the hardness of silicone rubber, reducing its elasticity.

6. Applications in Printing Ink

Low galling, high gloss and color stability, low cohesion, and combined with its easy flow ability make barium sulfate suitable for high quality printing inks.

7. Application in the paper coating

For the production of paper coatings, can increase its gloss, fluidity, such as art paper in white transparent colored paper. Titanium dioxide part can be replaced with double barium sulfate without losing its gloss.

8. Applications in Thermoplastics

Thermal conductivity and easy flowing ability can reduce injection molding time. Barium sulfate can be used as a nucleating agent to improve its strength and thermal stability.

9. Application in Adhesives

Easy flowing ability, high filling and chemical resistance make barium sulfate suitable for adhesives, unsaturated polyesters and polyurethanes, etc.

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